September 2020 Letter from our Superintendent Minister, Rev. Adam Wells

Dear Friends,

I wonder how you feel about returning to our Church buildings to share in worship 


I know that, for very understandable reasons, some are 
reluctant to go to a communal 

event such as a worship service. Others are champing at the bit and long to be physically 

in the same space as other sisters and brothers in Christ, even in a socially distanced way. 

The issue of singing is important for a number of people. The worship will certainly be 


Apart from the person leading the worship at any time, as reader, minister or notice giver 

we will all be wearing face coverings that we have brought with us from home. This is not 

just about obeying the injunctions that come from the Government, it is also about our 

practical caring and watching over each other in love by reducing as far as we can the risk 

of spreading Covid-19. There will be no congregational singing and the services are required 

to be shorter at 30 to 45 minutes. After worship we will leave the building rather than staying 

for an extended conversation or refreshments. All of the above can sound quite negative so please read on.

I venture to suggest that this time of worship during the Covid-19 pandemic will give us the opportunity to explore aspects of worship that maybe we do not always give as much attention 

to as we could. We will be able to spend more time listening; to the words of a hymn that is 

being played, or the words of a Psalm recited gently, or perhaps to the sound of silence in 

which we may get a glimpse of what God is saying to us. We may get time to use more of our quiet imagination when we engage with the Scriptures. All of these are positive and enriching 

of ourselves and our relationship with God. 

I am looking forward to leading worship in church once more, I hope to see as many of you 

as feel able when we gather together. For service details please see the Circuit Plan.

Best wishes and prayers,