Since 1994, Gerrards Cross Methodist Church has been raising money to help poor  children and their families in The Gambia, West Africa. 

children to school 

   At first the money went to build three classrooms, an office and a store for the Nursery School at Kunkujang.  After that we paid the teachers' salaries until another group took over that responsibility.  This organisation also paid for the drilling of a bore hole so that the school and those living in the immediate neighbourhood now have a supply of clean water.  There was a measurable improvement in the childrens' ability to concentrate and learn when fresh water was given during their mid-morning break.  in addition to this they have begun a scheme to give breakfast to the children and to teach good hygiene practice, using the toilets and washroom donated by another supporter.  Recently ceiling fans have been installed in one of the classrooms and the plan is to extend this to the whole school. 


We hold fund-raising events and our annual Quiz Night is always well supported. We have also received income from craft items made by friends and church members. 

  Our 2019 Craft Fair, held on 2nd November, raised over £850. 

  Our Quiz Nights, held in November each year, usually raise enough to pay one teacher's salary for nine or ten months.            

                                                Abisatou maths                                                          Each teacher earns about £50 per month, depending on the exchange rate at the time.

   We have five teachers, a headmaster, a cleaner and caretaker.

 If 100 people could give £1 a week we would raise enough to pay all the salary bills for a whole year.


There are currently just over 200 children between the ages of 3 and 7 receiving a basic education to prepare them for entry to Junior School. 


                    For more information, or the address to send donations, please contact                     John Billingham on 01753 662274