Gerrards Cross Methodist Church

The Leprosy Mission is a leading international Christian development mission working in around 30 countries. We have served people affected by leprosy since 1874. Our work covers medical treatment, education, detection, rehabilitation, advocacy and the reintegration of people into their communities.  We focus on three areas: South Asia, East Asia/Pacific and Africa.


Leprosy is still a disease of our time. Every year over 300,000 new patients are diagnosed and registered for treatment. But because of the stigma associated with leprosy and the consequent reluctance to seek medical care, it is estimated that even more cases go undetected.


Although leprosy is found in all sectors of society, it often traps the most vulnerable in a cycle of poverty. Leprosy is a human rights issue and our work goes beyond curing a disease. Our strategy includes strengthening communities and advocating for people who have no voice. We help to create health-promoting environments and support local health systems.


The Leprosy Mission is recognised in the countries where it operates for the quality of its work and commitment to assist anybody affected by leprosy, without discrimination.

At Gerrards Cross Methodist Church, we raise funds for the Leprosy Mission through individuals' donations via special Leprosy Mission Collecting Boxes. 

May 2015 Update

Leprosy Coffee Morning

The Coffee Morning held at Gerrards Cross Methodist Church on 30th May raised in excess of £1100 for The Leprosy Mission .

These funds were sent specifically for the Leprosy Hospital in Anandaban, Nepal, which had been badly damaged in recent earthquakes. Staff accommodation had been destroyed but the doctors and nurses were camping out in order to still care for the leprosy patients as well as deal with people who were pouring in from surrounding communities to receive treatment for crush injuries, broken limbs and lacerations.

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